Ways to De-stress Your Married Life?

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In marriages, stress is a leading cause of interpersonal tension and can exacerbate in other areas of life as well, and ultimately if things don’t work it can take  a toll on your relationship that generally turns into the end of the relationship. But communication in a healthy way and joint efforts as well as doing new and exciting things together are the keys to de-stress your married life.  Marriage counseling can be the last resort. Here are the things that you can do to ignite the passion between you two.

Seek out fun 

Having fun with your partner can be a great medicine to de- stresses your married life. This can be as simple as walking together on a beach holding hands (it has proved that holding each other hand is a great stress buster), watching movies or planning a trip or working out in a gym together. Don't let the responsibility and stress snatch the fun and beauty of your married life. Don’t take the stress and responsibility for granted; just remember you both deserve much than that.

Pay respect while communicating —

Follow the old saying “If you tell the truth, you don't need to remember anything.” Don’t keep any secrets from your partner. Always keep your partner informed about everything or action you take in his or her absence and pay respect and love while communicating. Express your concerns towards your partner’s well being will help him or her realize that you care for her or him.

Stay in your lane or Live within your means —

The financial crisis is one of the major causes of stress in married life. Spending money without any need just on the basis of you like it and you purchased it without thinking that you need that thing or not. Sometimes that consumerism leads to debt and monthly financial struggles Take preventative measures to work this one out.

Get involved in each other’s life —

Try to do the things what your partner likes even if you don’t like that and invite him or her to take participation in your activities. Face challenges as a team in your life that will help you in understanding each other in a new way.

Physical intimacy —

When the one or both couples are working and returns from the work they feel completely drained and forgot to show their love and care towards each other. Try to reignite that lost love by being physical. Physical contact is a great stress buster. Touching and hugging can be the part of daily life your partner will feel more confident that you love him or her and you will receive the same in return.

Participate in a charity program —

Engage yourself with a community that do some charitable work whenever you get time, join some NGO that helps the less fortunate people or provide shelter to old people. By helping them both of you will feel really content and de-stressed while spending some time together.

Stay positive towards your partner —

Hold your tongue if you're about to complain when one of you or both of you are stressed. Stressful situations are hard enough to cope with. Don't add fuel to the fire if it is possible for you.          


If both of you think that the things are not working as you expect in your relationship, consider seeking help of marriage counseling. A counselor will provide you the much needed space to express your concerns and love to each other and help in filling the gap between you two.

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Ways to De-stress Your Married Life?

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Ways to De-stress Your Married Life?

This article was published on 2014/03/21
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