Twenty-One Questions For Discovering Your Passion and Uniqueness

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Everything in this universe happens for a reason. This is explained as the law of cause and effect. If you are reading this, then you are two things; human and here for a reason. If you have a purpose then the real questions are then: Who are you? Why are you here? What do you stand for? These question have long been regarded as the starting point of self-discovery and the focal point of personal development.

So what happens when you have trouble picturing your purpose or discovering your passion? It can be very frustrating to say the least. You can quickly lose heart and confuse the mind when deciphering between your options, others opinions and your true potential. Purpose Finding and Passion Discovery are unlikely to find them selves into today's curriculum anytime soon, so what do you do when you want to know who you are?

The following collection of questions, if answered honestly and focused upon daily, will help you create a vision that will alter your destiny forever. If you are not used to picturing yourself with all the wealth, prosperity, joy, happiness, and abundance you were born destined to discover, then be prepared that some questions might not be easy to answer.

In fact you may experience a slight discomfort just upon reading them. That is fine. This is an naturally reaction by your comfort zone. Allow yourself to be completely honest and realize that it is perfectly ok to be exactly where you are at this moment. T Harv Eker, author of the #1 best seller "Secrets of The Millionaire Mind" appreciates this perspective best when he says "every master was once a disaster".

21 Questions for Discovering Your Passion and Uniqueness

"Where You Came From" Questions

Sometime looking at where you came from can give you better understanding where you are now. As you read over these questions, please be open, honest and most of all take it easy on yourself. There is nothing you can do to change the past.

The goal of these questions is to increase your awareness, so do your best to avoid judging yourself. By knowing and accepting where you came from you get to know the person who you are travelling with as you move forward, which is important, considering that no matter where you go you will always be with yourself.

1. What are the 3 most positive experiences of your life?

2. What have you created that you are most proud of? Why does this stick out for you?

3. Have you ever experienced complete, or even momentary, bliss? What were you doing?

4. What are the top 3 favorite things about yourself? Where these always your favorite?

5. What are the top 3 characteristics someone would need to be your friend?

6. How did your family make you feel about yourself?

7. What has been one of your hardest lessons in life?

"Where You Are Now" Questions

The next seven questions will help you gain an idea of the person that you have become since childhood. Again please be open, honest, and forgiving on yourself. By learning and accepting who you are now you can empower yourself to become whoever you want in the future.

1. What is your natural high?

What activities do you do that make you feel like you are connected to an amazing adrenaline high and when you're finished you feel energized... maybe even more energy than when you first started?

2. Who do you feel envious of?

Perhaps your world traveler friend, someone who always is darting off to romantic and exciting destinations. Julia Cameron says in "The Artist's Way" jealousy is a mask for our fear of doing something we really want to do but not have been brave enough to take action toward.

By taking note of our jealous feelings we gain insight into what may be buried deep within us. What's one action you can take to give yourself the essence of that part of yourself that you've been denying? Could you go get some travel brochures, call a travel agent, surf online at last minute specials.

3. List your three biggest heroes or heroines

Who did you look up to growing up? Was it a comic book hero or a real life superstar? Everyone has at least one or two people that the enjoy, adore or idolize? What character traits do you admire in them?

4. What parts of your job do you do better than other parts?

What personal qualities, skills, abilities, and activities have accounted for your greatest success in life and work to date? Where do you have the ability to become outstanding? Where can you perform your responsibilities with distinction?

5. What do you think is wrong with the world?

What makes you just want to "lose it" on people - if only they'd get it? Whatever your great concern, this is part of what you're here in the world for. Think about the one thing you can do today in your life to make a small change towards a better future for everyone involved.

6. What do you stand for?

What beliefs and values are you willing to sacrifice or die for? Sometimes you need to know what you would not stand for to find out what you would stand for. What bothers you? What can you absolutely not tolerate?

7. What is blocking you from success?

What is really keeping you from accomplishing what you want right now? How do you know this to be true? What would happen if it wasn't? Can you take time every day to explore the solution to this puzzle until you figure it out?

"Where You Want To Go" Questions

This last set of seven questions are "forward-thinking" to get you planning by "beginning with the end in mind". This is one of the principal habits listed in Steven Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People".

1. It's the year 2077 and your great-great grand child has to give a speech about you; What do you want you great-great-grandchildren to say about the way you live your life?

2. Imagine being notified that you have been affected by a rare terminal disease and only have a limited amount of time to live. In your professional life, what is most important to achieve in the remainder of your career? In your personal life, what would be most important to achieve in the remainder of your life?

3. You are on an airplane that's about to crash. You only have mere moments to scribble down a quick message for future generations of loved ones; List the 3 most important things you learned about success:

4. Imagine your life is your epitaph. How would you want to be remembered? Your life right now is represented by the dash in-between; do you like what you are writing? Write out your obituary as you would like it to read as if you already achieved your dreams.

5. If you could pick 1 person to be for a day who would you choose and what would you do?

6. Describe the perfect day if you could escape any time, financial, and situational circumstances that would prohibit you.

7. How much energy do you want to have in your life? How healthy would you like to become? Why and what for do you want these increases?

You likely have many new questions as a result of answering the questions above. This is perfectly fine and normal. Acknowledge yourself for bringing yourself closer to your dreams and highest aspirations through the power of clarity. The more clear and careful the questions you ask yourself, the higher quality answers you will come up with. The better answers you posses means the greater clarity you will have in your life.

Personal productivity master Brian Tracy says that clarity accounts for 80% of success and happiness. Lack of clarity is probably more responsible for frustration and underachievement than any other single factor. Your success in life will be largely determined by how clear you are about what it is you really really want.

These 21-questions were designed to help you discover desire and uncover your uniqueness. You can take one giant leap forward today by deciding on a worthy cause to pursue, a big goal to achieve, or someone deserving to fall in love with (including yourself). Make passionate living your highest purpose and priority.

Go to work with your support network immediately, or get to work on building a team if you don't have one yet. Find ways that you can honor yourself while offering yourself in a manner that produces joy from those you share with. The more time you spend living passionately the greater your happiness, wealth and sense of contribution will increase.

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Twenty-One Questions For Discovering Your Passion and Uniqueness

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