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We might have seen in many online medicinal sites the ways to cure anorexia nervosa and the treatment for anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is a common prevalent disease which is affecting as statistics say one in every two hundred women at some point of their lives. It must be noted that those suffering from this disease want themselves to be presented as very thin in the society where in they live.

Too much of anything is not good for the human body also too little of anything is also not good. Yes, when too little of fat is found in the body then it is a warning sign as it makes the person to face the battle between life and death. So it just a psychological issue rather than a mere physical bodily problem.


The prevalent signs of this disease include the victim profusely refusing to eat anything. They become obsessed with food and they stubbornly would not budge to eat a little more even if they look extremely thin. They also would go about lamenting to their friends about their fatty body. (Which in reality looks very thin?)

They would go about doing the active mode of exercising vigorously and they would be spending most of time doing intense work outs. The other psychic factors of such person are that they would have stopped menstruating, they might feel cold, depressed and they might want have a very low self-esteem of themselves!


Firstly as human beings we tend to eagerly listen to the way other people battled or faced sufferings in their life. So the affected person should be made to attend varied group therapies and by joining in such group sessions the affected person should be made to understand that they are not the only people who have suffered or faced such kind of psychological issue in life.

When the people who recovered from this disease describe to the others the way they are now able to do about their daily tasks then the victims also gain a hope that they also would soon be back to life.


Secondly it is important to understand the root cause of the troubles. Counseling with a nutriontist is what a person must do if he or she has this kind of eating disorder. A well balanced and nutritional diet is important for an anorexia person. So a nutritionist and the aided performance of such nutritionists in this treatment would let everything happen into its own phase.

Also when such person refuses to eat food healthy child hood remembrances or recent success events in their life can be recollected which would boost them to go on with their life with not much of hassles or disturbing thoughts which could make them to stop eating totally.


A healthy life is what all would seek in all stages of life and at some point due to psychological issues when a woman or man  become a victim to this disease then take immediate action to help him or her. As long as this disease remain untreated or unnoticed it becomes all the more deadlier causing people to seek alternate means to end their life at some stage and this could be prevented only when the required professional help is sought at the right time in their life!

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This article was published on 2012/02/21