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A wonderful client of mine once said to me; "I, myself am in a limbo. I know what I want to do but unfortunately Life gets in the way." I reminded her of the lyrics of one of the Beatles' songs: "life is what happens while you are busy making other things happen --or was it-- busy waiting for something else to happen?" Anyway, the point here is that it was our conversation what prompted me to write this article.

I am a neuroscientist of consciousness, which basically means that I love theoretical research on the brain. But from time to time I do clients, particularly, but not only, using the neurofeedback technology.

I have been doing theoretical research of the brain during the last 34 years. I partake of a world wide project called in search for the origins of consciousness. This world movement started with an amazingly simple question posited by my colleague in this search, Stewart Hameroff. (Google him up if you are interested). A wild guess at how many of us participate in this search would be about 5,000 scientists. Most of us have postulated a thesis as an answer to the search. My particular proposal is called the Isys model.

We convene every 2 years in different venues around the world to share our findings. So in that sense there is serious cooperation. But there is also some competition because we all know that he who actually demonstrates in a scientific manner, the origin and nature of consciousness, will win the Nobel prize. And I do want that prize as much as anyone else.

Basically, the Isys model proposes there is a qualitative difference between the brain, the mind and consciousness. That they are not synonyms in any way and that if we wish to stop muddling up the field, of understanding what it means to be human, these words must not be used interchangeably. It is proposed that these three phenomena are physical and material realities, in the sense that quantum physics states. But if you try to understand this proposal within the classical framework of physics, that is, without stepping out of the Newtonian and Cartesian paradigms, you will find yourself forever immersed in an impossible task. I mean it! The model further declares that these three aforementioned phenomena interact instantaneously in the light of experience, creating as a result a fourth phenomenon, that is, this interaction creates a you (this interaction creates an observer).

Having said this, from here I can go in any direction. So as to cover all of them, I have created this I am calling the happening series articles. This one you are in right now is the first article in a series of ten. Welcome, and thank you for having me in your head at this very moment. I shall endeavor to entertain and inform you at the same time. I hope I make it! Do let me know, please.

So, to continue with my client's saga, here is a transcription of what transcribed over the next 40 minutes of our session. I told her, that as the Isys model sees it, there are two ways at our disposal as to how to live our lives. In one of them, we get to make a living but in the other one; we get to make our life. This distinction permeates all human affairs and let me tell you that very, very few humans know the difference because most of us are not aware of it. So much so, that most of us live our lives, unaware that we are torn between these two poles we have ourselves torn apart. We are forced to having to choose between either make a living or making our life! And of course the majority of human beings are stuck with the former choice.

So by the same token, this fundamental distinction also posits two distinct approaches in our relationship with money and to money making. And it is here where the party gets really loud. Let's look at it.

On the one hand, making a living is always associated with fighting against scarcity where "not having and having to get" becomes our constant adversity. There is effort and no matter how much effort we make we always end up falling back on scarcity. We try to make ends meet and at the end of the month we fall again into scarcity. We can only subsist and the verb by which we do this is work: we work to subsist. Now for the punch line: subsistence is at the service of making a living.

On the other hand, making our lives is always associated with dedicating yourself to doing what you love. Here there is no effort, there is no fighting, and there is only total commitment and dedication to developing your affluence mechanisms; for it is only through them that we can tap into our inner abundance. In this approach to money we do not subsist. Instead, we prosper and the verb by which we do this is labor: we give birth to ourselves. So when we have several people doing this very same thing in one same place we then get to deal with adversaries (not enemies) and this is a very healthy thing.

Now, please mind this: our dreams must stem from the latter not from the former! Most people are trapped in work and subsistence and from there they dare dream. But whatever you may dream from making a living will only feedback on your scarcity! Scarcity will dream about abundance!! This type of mental activity is called daydreaming and wishful thinking. It is not dreaming.

Scarcity must cease in order for abundance to exist. One can not produce the other! And in order to generate abundance outside ourselves, we must turn to the other mode, to making our lives. Let me explain.

Making our lives happen is like cultivating a garden. The gardener gets involved with cultivating his affluence mechanisms, thus making a beautiful garden that is capable of attracting butterflies (money). But making a living is like trying to coax butterflies to visit our garden. The gardener just wants to find a way to make money and finds himself out there chasing and prompting butterflies to his garden. But the garden is not primed and sometimes it doesn't even exist!

The Isys model proposes that the fourth phenomenon (the observer that is you) is made to happen by the natural laws that govern these processes. These are not only the laws of nature. They have become the laws of my own nature. It proposes that the observer happens within the jurisdiction of the mind; and since the mind and the brain are so entwined, the mind's tenant learns to use the entwining mechanisms to get out into the world through the brain.

If during the upbringing season the tenant of the mind gets to know himself, he will surely build his affluence mechanisms and will have a lovely garden at his disposal to draw the butterflies he wants whenever he may need. But if during this season the tenant of the mind does not get to know himself then these mechanisms will not be built and he will have four options: he will have to turn to making a living; and if he doesn't make it there then he will have to beg; and if he doesn't make it there either he will have to be a delinquent; and if he does not make it there either he will join the ranks of the looney tunes. So, the key concept here is what happens during upbringing! Ring a bell?

Making a living can actually be a drag. Making your life is never a drag. It is filled with challenges and risks that make us grow and mature. Yet there are people out there who live their lives with the best of both worlds. They make their lives and make a living at the same time, that is, in the same field of endeavor. They make money by doing what they love. Do remember this; it is no longer necessary to sacrifice one for the sake of the other. We can have and enjoy a 200% value of life. 100% value of our inner life and 100% value of our outer life. That is great.

Now look at this. What if we could put MAKING A LIVING on automatic pilot, establish a PASSIVE INCOME STREAM that takes care of the butterflies and we just dedicate ourselves to prosper by MAKING OUR LIVES? Is this possible? Indeed it is and now more than ever in the history of mankind this ispossible. The internet is a powerful tool to set up this mechanism and put it on automatic pilot. Look at our website for more information on this:

So we can now have a different take to what my client said. Remember she said, "I, myself am in a limbo. I know what I want to do but unfortunately Life gets in the way." So, I ask you; tell me, which LIFE is it that gets in the way? Please reflect on this and I leave you with the question in your palate. Taste it, process it, and make it yours. Let the question grow in you and allow yourself to grow in it.

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That Beatle Song Was Right

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This article was published on 2010/03/29