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Are your feeling run down and worn out? Do you need something to motivate you? Feeling like the whole world is turning against you? Are you feeling like everything you do is a struggle and there are so many hurdles? Do you feel so worn out that you could do with a year or two off on holidays? Then you need a break? Why not a holiday to fresh your body and mind? Do you need a short relaxing holiday or an overseas trip. Want to go somewhere interesting but not stressful? Somewhere you can relax and enjoy yourself? How about a relaxing holiday in tropical Thailand at one of the most beautiful coastal beaches in the world? The best thing about a holiday in Thailand is it is very affordable and the food tastes great and is also very fresh.

This is the prefect recipe for having time off from work and recovering. Having a holiday is the first step for your mental and physical recovery. The next step to enjoying life's journey is to savour life's sweetness and also bitterness. Don't fool yourself in believing that life is all about fancy roses. If you learn to taste and savour both the bitterness of life and also the sweetness, then you are on your way to living a richer life. Sometimes I want to give up. I don't want to move or work. However, I know tomorrow will be a better day. I will recover. I have meditation and physical exercise to help me. You can copy my habits to improve your lifestyle and happiness.

It isn't difficult. Need something to motivate you out of the 'hole'. Need some inspiration? Here are some tips on improving your lifestyle:

1. Read motivational tips that Napoleon Hill wrote

2. Eat healthy food

3. Avoid food with additives.

4. You can go to websites that give you free advice on chemical additives

5. Drink green teas, herbal mixes

6. Start doing exercises

7. Catch up with family and friends regularly

8. Maintain a healthy social life

9. Start gardening

10. Clean up your home

11. Go on regular holidays, even if it is short.

Here are some tips on finding more energy and confidence in yourself:

1. Start learning meditation

2. Visit websites and read on motivation

3. Reward yourself frequently

4. Visit friends and hang out

5. Engage yourself in more leisurely activities

6. Eat healthy diets

7. Sleep early

8. Have a siesta after work

9. Develop a routine to follow during the week to help you achieve tasks, chores and so you won't miss out on anything. This also helps you become more organised with your life. Having accomplished these tasks and taking them off will also give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

In living a happy life you must also need to be honest and realistic with yourself. Although it can be daunting and hard, you must remember that this is the only way to succeed and survive.

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This article was published on 2010/12/18