Should You Divorce Your Man

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Should I divorce my man is the biggest and the most perplexing question a woman can face in her married life. But to find out an answer for that you have to be very introspective and rational. Minor disagreements are a part and parcel of married life. So if you think that you are tired of all the constant fights that are happening in your household and this is the reason why should divorce him, you are wrong. That is because behind every fight there is love.  You have to think that you married him because you loved him and petty fights can't take the love out of you.

Before taking any harsh decisions you have to think about the circle of friends in your life. You have to think about your kids, if you have any. Your decision to divorce will not only cause conflicts in your mind, but will also hurt your kids too. Also, you may want to discuss your feelings of divorce with your husband first. Because you two are living together so you have to know what is going on in each other's mind.

There may be many issues wherein you can think of divorcing him. He might have cheated on you, betrayed you or have been abusive toward you. But remember that you divorcing him will make him worse. You can try to understand why he does what he does. If he has cheated on you for the first time you can ask him why he did that. There is scope for every relationship to improve. Giving up on love for trivial matters will be the worst decision of your life. You must give him a second chance.

If your husband is aggressive towards you when he fights, you can always suggest him to visit a counselor. You can both visit a marriage counselor together. Also practicing meditation and yoga together will help him soothe his nerves and bring him a lot closer to you.

If you think that over the years you two have not been spending enough time together due to kids and professional life and you think that you have drifted away and want a private life, think twice. This can be the time you can spend with him. You can revive your old days by cooking his favorite meal for him, having candle light dinners and taking him out for a wonderful date! So should you divorce him? Well, think again!

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Should You Divorce Your Man

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This article was published on 2011/01/12
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