Setback Or Step Forward?

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I think we've all had something happen that, at the time, seemed like it was the worst thing that could have ever happened-it left you feeling like the bottom just fell out from under your world. Often times, perhaps months or even years later, you look back and say to yourself, "That was the best thing that could have ever happened to me!" even though it seemed awful at the time, it ultimately led to greater things in your life.

I know I've had this type of experience numerous times. I've often found myself wondering why on earth things turn out the way they do. Now, I completely understand.

It all has to do with the law of attraction. It's not just a "new world" term, it really is an actual universal law; just like the law of relativity and such. I've learned to live my life by the law of attraction. What does that mean?

I had heard it for years, but never really took the time to explore it until recently. It sounded good-like something I might like to have going on in my life, but that's about as far as it went for me. I kept plugging along with my life, making wrong choices, acting wrong, thinking wrong. And it all paid off in wrong ways, or at least not in the ways I wanted it to. I am immensely grateful now that I know better! My life is so much better off for it.

The law of attraction, simply stated, says that whatever you think about is what you will get. That sounds easy, right? Well, there is a little more to it than that, but basically, that's it. If you put out positive thoughts, good things will happen to you. By the same token, if you have a negative attitude, guess what...bad things are going to come your way. If you don't believe it, just try it; go ahead, test it for yourself. If you think and act positively, it can't fail, it's the law.

OK, so you might be asking, "What about when I'm thinking positive and something bad happens in my life, what's that all about?" You know you're a positive person, you're act positively and you have a great attitude. How can something bad happen? Think of it as a step in the process-a means to an end. It's not necessarily a bad thing, although it might seem like it at the time. It's ultimately leading to something better. Perhaps something needs to be taken out of the way to make way for that better something, or to even allow a better opportunity to present itself.

Here is a perfect example from my own personal experience. I had lost my job. It was sudden and unexpected. I didn't see it coming. My first reaction was panic. I was devastated and wondered what on earth I was going to do now. When that happened to me, my world was turned upside down for a time. The range of emotions I dealt with was varied and mostly unpleasant. I can honestly say that, today, I am extremely grateful that happened to me when it did. I admit I was dissatisfied with the job anyway--I had become disenchanted. But it was my living so I dutifully reported to work day after day, certain that one day my life would be better for it. Only a short time after I lost that job opportunities opened up for me that I hadn't even dreamed of before. I'm happier now than I've been throughout my entire thirty-year career. Had I not been in my current situation at the time, I wouldn't have been in the position to be open to those opportunities, or even to recognize them as opportunities. I am thankful every day for the loss of that job.

So please don't be discouraged when things don't seem to be going the way you want them to. Everything happens for a reason. As long as hold on to your positive thoughts it will all turn exactly out the way you want it to. Whatever you do, stay positive and happy. Don't let those negative thoughts shape your life. Not only will your life be better for it, but the lives of those you touch will also be positively affected. Happiness is contagious!

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Setback Or Step Forward?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02