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Resilience has been related to great leaders who left indelible marks in the face of the world. Most great leaders have lost resilience and balance in their lives more than once hence gliding into imbalanced lives of depression. A well balanced life is more important than riches and stature. Most people will prefer a balanced life to riches and high position. Lack of resilience bears lack of balance which in turn turns one's life upside down, inside out. A story of one strong leader is told. The leader, lost balance at some point in his life and what followed afterwards, was a disastrous and a miserable life. He totally lost focus and small things destabilized his ever stable composure. He always allowed petty issues to bother him and focused more on the negatives than positives in any given situation. Most of his friends and family members started to avoid him not only because of his negativity but also because he had lost his sense of humor hence becoming bitter. Most of his employees realized the imbalance in their boss's life. His health was affected because he spent most time feeling sorry for himself that he forgot about everything else including eating healthy and exercising regularly. He had glided into an obsession for bitterness and negativity.

I borrow a lot from what befell the said leader and as such I have always struggled to maintain steady balance in my life to avoid following the leader's path. To achieve this, I have engaged more in activities that I enjoy. For example, I have registered for salsa instructions and formed a habit of not only visiting the beach but also the rollerblade so often. I value my rest a lot as a way of revitalizing myself and avoiding trivial things bothering my peace of mind. As such I pay attention to more important things (Blanchard & O'Connor 2003, p. 125). Furthermore, because negativity in thoughts abstracted the leader's sense of humor affecting his health, I have promised to do away with all negative habits and thoughts so as to achieve more beneficial (self-esteem boosters) positive ones. To master resilience, I have realized that hope is the major component. Provided I have goals I aspire to achieve, I uphold an internal motivation that focuses my efforts towards the achievement of these goals. Hope can only remain alive if one has a vision. Hope becomes alive in presence of a vision. I have set a vision of a more resilient life especially in finding more humor in most things and enjoying laughter, expressing love to important people in my life and shielding my life from disappointments that steal my joy.

Misplaced needs and wants can also bring imbalance; allowing for obsession in some needs/wants and totally neglecting others.Needs should always come first in my life as a way of setting things in order. Further, to boost my energy levels, I plan to keep around people who are not only full of energy but exude positive energy to help me focus on the positive side of life instead of dwelling on the negative side which more often leaves people energy bereft (Cashman 2008, p. 146).

To monitor my progress towards the achievement of my goal, a chart where I enter all the activities listed on a daily basis and a dairy that records satisfaction of movement towards goal and suggests other initiatives in case goal is not being achieved shall be kept as the means of measuring the progress towards the most desired goal(s).

Finally, my plan to master resilience is simple and clear. First, I plan to build my awareness on the things that stress me and try to minimize them as much as possible. Secondly, I need to become more aware of the fact that inspiration lacks in my life. The awareness will induce new commitments to nurture more close and meaningful relationships, take vacations to rest and revitalize my energy levels and avoid taking life too seriously and hence relax. To achieve these, I realize that new practices have to be in place. These include but are not limited to surrounding myself with inspiration and avoiding negativity of any form; behavior or thoughts. I reckon that achieving this is an uphill task and the possible obstacle is laziness. To achieve resilience, laziness has to be avoided at all costs and there should be a way of measuring success. Time has also to be set within which success can be measured (Stuart 1977, p. 33). The most suitable amount of time required for these changes lies 21-90 days. All these are potent steps to mastery of resilience which brings balance to one's life thus kicking away obsession with some thoughts or/and habits.

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Self-Management Behavioral Contract

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This article was published on 2011/06/07