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Trust this article finds you in great health.

Thanks to my new found angel friend who has now started chats on the messenger. Her cute messages really boost me up to never leave my hobby - something that I really love very much.

Before actually starting to write on the Power of Giving and sharing the small experiences in my life and the impact it made on me, let me share a beautiful short poem which is really close to my life and on the top of my mind. I actually dont like sitting idle but when I am (like the way I am today) this poem comes to my mind and recharges me to do something which I feel, may be something which is untried. Trust me!! My life gets filled with so much happiness and excitement that I started believing again World is such a beautiful place God has created.

So here we go:

"Life is entwined with Sorrows and Joys, The more you learn it, the more you cry,

You fight with fate to get you through, But those who win are always few,

Life is not always fun, If you want to Live, you will have to run,

But one fine day this journey will come to an end,

And then you will realise so much was lost so little was gained"

Such a beautiful poem!!!! I just love the way its put. Short and simple defination for Life.

So, why am I beating around the bush? Alright!! Lets come to our topic.

Power of Giving - Trust me - this is the ultimate pleasure that a human being can derive. You feel doubly blessed when you give than when you are at the receiving end.

This reminds me of an incidence. Once while I was travelling in my first class compartment in the local train, a small chap (must be some 8-10 years old) came to me. Apparently he has sharp features and looked smart. Fully mastered his selling techniques. This chap was selling oranges and pineapple.

Being an ardent lover of fruits, I was quick and first one to call him. He came. I asked the rates. He said Rs 40 for 1 dozen oranges and Rs 35 for the Pineapple. Knowing well that I could pull him down i started negotiating. I said I will buy both. You give it to me in Rs 60. He finally agreed only to sell me the pineapple at Rs 30. He said he could not afford the price I was offering for Oranges. I knew I was being stingy but thought let me spend sometime. Incase he agrees later who knows I would go jumping home showing off the brilliant bargaining skills I had. I bought the pineapple and immersed in listening to my FM, looking outside the train and feeling the breeze on my face.

After some time, this kid stood in front of me. I looked at him. In a low voice he said. Take this, its 12 oranges give me Rs 30 but dont tell anyone.

I felt happiest person on the world. I smiled (as if I had conquered the world) and said why now. You told me you could not afford it.

He gave me a beautiful innocent smile and replied. Sister - I told you the truth. I have bought it in 35. I really cant afford to give you at this price. But you have been my lucky charm. You got the Pineapple and I sold all of them. Sometimes it takes a day to sell all. So now if you buy oranges, that might also be sold and I can get new stock to sell.

I felt goosebumps on my hand. I really felt how stupid I was to press such a small kid to sell things at a cheaper price. Had it been I had visited a Mall a stupid tasteless sandwich had costed me Rs 85 and double scoop of ice-cream Rs 100 - and I would have paid it quitely.

I smiled at him and said ok here you go give me 2 dozen. I paid him Rs 100. He attempted to pay back the change. I said hey listen you said Rs 45 a dozen so that makes Rs 90 for 2 dozen and the Rs 5 for Pineapple that I paid less and Rs 5 for you to eat or drink something so that you can take a break before starting your next sale. This time he gave me a smile (as if I had made him the Emperor of the World). With the shine in his eyes, he accepted the money, touched it to his forehead, looked at me, smiled and left.

I actually could not take my eyes off with the way he carried on with his sale with all the different possible characters. Luckily he had just one bag with the oranges left when he got down at the station. Before moving on for his next sale, he just looked at me and waved his small hands. I felt much much more happiness than I would have actually felt conquering the world!!!!

Also another one small cute comes to my mind - two friends met and one showed off the latest mobile gadget that his brother gifted him. The other friend appreciated it and said I wish I could. Before he could complete his sentence the first friend said you wish you could have it but very few are as lucky as I am. The other friend said no you are mistaken I wish I could have been a brother like what you have. I have all the plans to make my loved ones happy and am just waiting for the moment when I can fulfill all their dreams.

Such small things, I mean, we seldom realise. But when you came across such a story or incident or some write up. Its changes the complete outlook towards life. I mean we are said to be advanced from apes but what makes us different. Its only the Power of giving, caring, speaking up, admiring people, making that small little difference in the lives of people who make your world, giving them a surprise gift to let them know what they mean to you.

Isnt it???

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Power in giving!!!

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This article was published on 2010/10/26