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Each person has different way of life. You envy the rich, not necessarily better than the current money you his joy and happiness. He may also envy you busy in numerous earth in the flat owned by it. In fact, the days of plain flat has its unique comfortable, with its special beauty. It must taste the beauty of intentions, such as the quiet, peaceful, meaningful, deep mixing of water.
The world is neither the rich world, nor the right people in the world; it is the caring people of the world. Each of us living in the mortal world, life is inevitable shortcomings and disappointments. For those who can not change reality, we can change the attitude to look at these things, with the calm attitude towards the life of regret and suffering. Although it is where we were, but in life to try to do a sage, not to be burdened with material life, and always maintain a tranquil and peaceful state of mind.
Peace is an attitude dealing with people is a virtue in life. Peaceful people, and its mystery in a "quiet" word, "the threshold rather than the sudden shock, and not without reason coupled with anger", calm at people doing things sensibly, put the body at leisure, in the quiet of the heart. Has been seen within and outside but not people, doing good to people in good faith, rather than using others to fame, believe in "The gentleman is open and at ease", honorable, pure heart of man.
Peace is both a self-cultivation, but also a method of work. Peaceful people, never to be busy by the bow, leisure tight, busy in the laid-back. Others strictly teach people not to high. Temper justice properly, appropriately measured. Body and mind at ease, to enjoy the pleasures of life. Many things, always in the future will know how experienced. As emotional, painful, and will know how to protect themselves; silly too, and will know when to adhere to and to give up, and lost in, we slowly get to understand themselves. In fact, life does not need these unnecessary attachments, nothing really can not let go. Learn to give up, life would be easier.
Learn to give up, turned away in tears before, leaving a simple back; learn to give up, will be buried in the bottom of my heart yesterday, leaving the most beautiful memories; learn to give up, so that each can have a more relaxed start, love is not black and blue necessarily memorable. Come today, is not easy, gently concentrate all, say goodbye, I am very grateful to have you in this way. Feelings of each are the United States, accompanied by each process are also fascinating. Can not have a sense of regret make us more loving family dependents; are sleepless thoughts making us feel nostalgia. Feelings is a no answer to the respondents, the bitter does not make life more complete search. Maybe a little regret, a trace of sadness, the respondents will be more meaningful and more forever.

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Plain Life

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This article was published on 2010/10/21