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The amazing twists and turns in the life of Phil Spector may be coming to an end as he begins his nineteen year sentence in prison. His now famous mug shot will soon be forgotten, but more importantly, his contributions to the music industry will be over shadowed by his bizarre and murderous actions. The mind that helped create amazing sounds on albums and 8-tracks also created horror for some of the people in Spector's life. Lana Clarkson was the actress he murdered. He may think he is brilliant, but the state of California thinks he is a murderer, and it this that he will be forever remembered.

Although he was dressed in flashy suits that looked as nice as some of the corporate apparel worn on Wall Street, Phil Spector could not hide the guilt from the jury in his second trial. The jury formally found him guilty of second-degree murder on April 13, 2009. He was taken into custody and later sentenced on May 29, 2009, to the already stated nineteen years in prison.

People were surprised to see his picture in the news a few weeks later. The bald head mug shot of Spector surprised people throughout the nation. As people watched the morning news in coffee houses and waiters ran around in their restaurant uniforms, the man once known for his famous wigs, Phil Spector, was shown with little hair for the first time. Perhaps for those people who thought all along that he was a bad person, this was proper retribution for his crime.

Will we see Spector again in the news? This is unlikely, but the surprises in his life as a record producer and music manager seemed endless, so he may shock us as an inmate in the California prison system. As a waiter is delivering coffee in his handsome restaurant uniform, the coffee house may once again be turned to the television to watch the sage of Phil Spector's life.

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Phil Spector's Life

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This article was published on 2010/04/01