My Happy Married Life!!

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We all come across a number of funny activities and memorable moments in our lives. There might be some funny kid’s activities or funny things kids say that strikes the purple patch every time it comes to our mind and brings a smile to our face. There might be incidents related to discovering your passion, surprise gifts or memorable trip with your family and friends that accompanied something unusual and funny. Well, I had my share of family fun and funny activities including some of the best pranks I have ever come across. They did hit me hard many times because of the financial loss caused, but are certainly the moments that would remain with me throughout my life.

Probably the most memorable incidence of my life was me getting married some 2 years ago. Do not ask the date, I want to somehow erase the day from my memories. Being a professional photographer and a natural photography lover, I had as many as four different cameras ranging from DSLR to digital camera. Within 15 months of our marriage, my wife had broken down three of those. Now each of those costed me over $ 1500. That’s a lot of hard earned money. No she did not throw them at me trying to hit me during a fight. She is too sweet to do that. But, she is surely a little careless.  Now I mentioned little because of certain reason and I guess most married men would know that. For those who are still not, trust me this is the maximum authority you have to write without getting your entire week spoiled.

Well, the day I lost my third camera, a Cannon EOS 7D DSLR worth $1600, I made a promise to myself that I will not be buying a new one my entire life. After a week I got another shock. That was probably the most precious moment of my life as I was in a situation where I was myself not sure what expression I need to show. On a Sunday morning, after a hectic week at work, I was enjoying the morning news when she turned up to me and told me that she also want to learn photography and thus need a new camera for that.

I somehow postponed the talks but was shivering the entire day. Three cameras were gone in 15 months, when she had nothing to do with them. What if she starts using them and takes up photography as one of her passions. I will be ruined for life. Consolidating myself I went to the market and after 6 hours of hard intense search came up with a camera that is shock proof in case of a fall from around four feet and water proof. I was almost certain this would not be broken and presented her with one of the best surprise gifts she had in years. But, my worries were far from over. She told me yesterday that she lost the camera on her way to market last evening. There goes another $1000.

If you have something similar with you, then share your joy ride with You can also share funny jokes or silly kid stories and spread your happiness.

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My Happy Married Life!!

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This article was published on 2011/12/01