Life Is Actually a Double Line

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Life is a double line, one is real life, and another is the inner world.


Life starts from an origin, and ends at a destination. We cannot tell how many times the coincidences are, but only at this time, we truly feel ourselves. Pain and hardship let two worlds away, but happiness and joy will let them be interacting with each other.


Once, I planted many seeds and hoped one day they would have harvest. Looking at eyeful of green in spring and notes stirring in the heart, perhaps it is clinging to this hope; we do not mind some of the gains and losses, putting the pain aside. When we persist in the belief, our mind may be stronger, and we will not be lost by materialism and interference. You will look forward to a natural return to let your joy come from the heart, let your hope full of strength, and let your love go further.


However, collision of life and thinking often burst of brilliant humanity. When you frequently contact with things, you will gradually be less passionate. It is not because we live too trivially, it is the angle of curing, resulting in a fixed pattern of thinking. So reopen a window to meet a ray of sunshine, let the new breath floated, also to the same piece of scenery, there are a variety of Imagination. In the same way, when you focus on one thing, you can confuse or you can indulge. Confusion is that you input too much, fall into it, and do not know what to do, while indulgence is initiative. I feel addiction has more positive meaning, I know what to look for, and what I need. Besides, we need to know where to find happiness in the continuous discovery.


Life is one fragment, a string of notes, or a piece of scenery. Mind is the master that wove into all kinds of tragic, vulgar or fabulous stories. It needs to see you how to create and it needs how other people understand and recognize it. With others’ best way to express your understanding and with others’ most acceptable way to discover, even if in the same landscape, you can see different world because of different perspectives or different colors,.


Close to the heart, you can more clearly understand your own, with your own colorful way to describe the world, with a unique vision to face life. Close to life, you can truly bring the true feelings of joy and sadness.

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Life Is Actually a Double Line

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Life Is Actually a Double Line

This article was published on 2011/12/09