Learn to Negotiate With Life

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It is not easy to negotiate with life, but we negotiate with life everyday! When we deal with trivial matters, we may be sometime happy and sometime sad. We may sometimes have enough passion but we also lose our heart sometime.

The expectation and results of life have a long distance. Someone is good at complying with disciplines. They can solve the conflicts easily and everything goes well. While others get used to escape conflicts and they are afraid of shock. They do not dare to face life, so their lives are in confusion. They would think their lives are always with bad luck.  

Because of the social injustice, you are capable but your boss do not give you task. What the boss and coworkers said make you feel uncomfortable. The whole world just like against with you. Love is not satisfactory because of choosing a person who is not right for you. Housework is trivial and marriage is at mess. Every day we have to smile to others although we are very frustrated. We cannot calm down when we met traffic jam in the bustling city.

In fact, life treat everybody justify just like the sunshine in everywhere. It is not life do not favor us, the fact is that where is our ability? Because the ability of handling life decides our current life situation.

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Learn to negotiate with life! Do not hate the life because light and shadow is not very clear like human imagine. Whatever your status is high or low and you are rich or poor, when you negotiate with life, you will feel that your now available things are enough. Some people had unhappy life with so-called dignity and pride. They are unrealistic, which lead to failures kept accompany with them whole life.

The process of negotiating with life is the process of doing with trivial matters in the life. Learning to negotiate with life is to practice our abilities to deal with matters. You can adjust your from ideal life goal to practicable life situation. In this way, you will be generous to others and do not pursuit something blindly. This does not mean you should give in to life disciplines and not ask you to keep alive without serious ambitions because there are many problems you can not handle simply. Therefore, you will know why happiness comes until you make peace with life.

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Learn to Negotiate With Life

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This article was published on 2010/10/12