It's Up to You to Attract Clients

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So many people want to be successful in their life coaching practice and learn how to attract clients. But so many never make it. They don’t become successful or have the life they want. And yet, many other people do. What is the dividing line? What makes people successful?

In the end, it is always up to YOU, whether you become a successful life coach or not. It’s always up to you. A big mistake prospective life coaches make is they are waiting for something to happen or something to save them. They think that if they get some more help, more training, more knowledge, more money, a better mentor, that they’ll then be able to be successful. They think the answer is somewhere OUTSIDE of themselves.

But the cosmic joke is that all the best mentors, training and knowledge out there only teaches you and shows you that YOU already have all the answers inside you. You already have all the power, all the ability right now inside you to be successful, attract clients, and create literally anything you want.

And all the answers, all the help, all the information for anything you could possibly want to do is literally right at your fingertips, especially in this information age. With the internet, with Google, you can literally find anything you need within seconds.

There’s only one major difference between highly successful life coaches and those who aren’t. It’s not talent, skill, or ability. It’s choice. Will. Commitment. Nothing else. Successful life coaches weren’t born with something special. They’re not different. Every successful person was once where you are at - frustrated, depressed, in fear, doubting themselves. They had to learn how to be successful.

Humans are just like plants. We grow bit by bit day by day and not any faster than that. But the relieving thing is that it doesn’t matter where you are at in the spectrum of life, whether you are the President of the United States or a homeless person addicted to drugs. It doesn’t matter. Everyone has this choice available to them. Everyone has the ability to either open or close to growth, to new information coming in. And that information is constantly coming in to help you on your next step of growth.

The only thing that separates the successful from those who are not is their commitment to growth, to not only learning this new information, but embodying it, practicing it and living it in their lives. There’s no other palpable difference.

If you don’t have that commitment to your own growth consistently for the rest of your life, then all your progress and your ability to create will be stopped in its path. If you do have that commitment, then you can become a successful life coach, begin attracting coaching clients and create anything you want in this world.
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It's Up to You to Attract Clients

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This article was published on 2010/12/19