Isn't it Time You Lived Your Dream Life by Finding Your Life Purpose?

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Have you been wondering why you are having so much trouble finding your life purpose? Do you feel as if your life purpose should be jumping up and biting you, yet you seem unable to grasp what it's supposed to be, If so, you are not alone. You are having this problem because you are not approaching this matter in the right way and that's because nobody has ever told you the right way to do it!

In going about finding your life purpose, you've probably done most of what today's people on the same mission as you have been doing. You've been reading numerous amounts of self-help books and watching scores of self-help videos. Maybe, you've seen "The Secret" and you have Bob Proctor's "Law of Attraction" material. You've done positive affirmations, you've done all kinds of meditation, and you've prayed about it even if you're not religious. You have talked about it with friends and family. Or perhaps you've done none of the above and are wondering there must be a purpose I was meant to fulfil, yet, your life purpose still manages to elude you.

It eludes you because none of these things are about finding your life's purpose. I'm not saying that these things are not helpful, they surely can be! You've been trying to use these advanced techniques without having any blueprints or design drawings!

Your true life purpose is not necessarily about making lots of money, or becoming successful, it is unique to every person.

These are some of the questions people are asking themselves:

What is my life purpose?

Why am I here in this world?

Was I meant to be living an entirely different life than I am now?

Am I doing what I was born and destined to do?

You feel as if you are supposed to be doing more with your life.

There is a yearning to do what you love and are passionate about

You know that you're not lazy, but you can't stand the thought of your j-o-b because it just doesn't fulfil you personally or financially.

You constantly find yourself wanting deeper meaning in your work as well as in your other activities

You feel that you are always wasting your time on things that aren't important to you.

You would love to give more value to others, yet you cannot figure out how.

You're concerned that your daily routine has become predictable and tedious.

Maybe you wonder if you are just "destined" to have this boring, rather meaningless life. Maybe that IS your life purpose. But when you are successful at discovering your life purpose, you will know, it is such a natural feeling because...

You will have more intense focus in your daily activities, you won't just be drifting.

You will discover that you have tremendous discipline when it comes to being productive.

You will feel excited about your day, as you are charged with exciting motivation.

You finally feel in control of your own life.

You will feel certain that your life and everything you do really matters.

You will find new wellsprings of energy and endless vitality.

You will have peace of mind like you have never known before. Wherever you are, you will feel as if you belong there.

You will be doing something that you are passionate about, that you enjoy and get immense pleasure from; it often entails helping others or giving in someway

You will feel it is your true calling and purpose in life

It is something that is not a chore, that you have to do, like a job, but something that flows naturally and effortlessly, from every fibre of your body, pure bliss!

Isn't it time you lived your dream life? And said to yourself "I'm riding a huge wave of joy - it's brilliant, I love it."

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Isn't it Time You Lived Your Dream Life by Finding Your Life Purpose?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01