How To Be A Wizard (Intro)

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An article with the title "how to be a wizard" requires a little up front information on terms. We're not quite talking about Harry Potter here. The topic of free will is something that leads many to question about the different ways in which humans can exert influence over the events of life. Those who deliberately and actively seek to cultivate their inner energies in order to produce effects in the outer world may be said to practice magick. Typically, in the pagan traditions, it is understood that one that does so can be called a wizard or witch. But the labels are not what is crucial. Anyone with an open heart and mind can benefit.

The fundamental aspect to this kind of practice is quieting yourself within, hearing your inner wisdom. The chatter of the outside world distracts you from the deeper knowledge within. Meditation is where you will cultivate your ability to hear your true Self. It turns down the volume on the passing things in life that cause you to lose focus. Many meditations exist. One that is widely helpful for beginners is to focus just five minutes a day on the breath. Increase as necessary.

Particularly, being in a natural setting attunes you with the wisdom of Life. If you want to learn how to be a wizard or witch, you will want to pay attention to the cycles of seasons and the gifts of Nature. Pagans observe varying holidays throughout the year that reflect the energies of a particular season. Also, learning about plants and herbs will alert you to the benefits of what Nature provides. You may be called to healing, you may be called to cooking more using local ingredients. Either way, a sensitivity to these gifts will give you a greater sense of your connection to life.

Since everything is a cycle, it is worth noting that the above provides a cycle of influence. As you are more calmly centered in the harmonious flows of natural life, you will know what you want, and know how to responsibly exert your intent. 

You will also find the ways that speak to you. You may find a talent for healing. Or tarot. You will also be able to better tell how much of the path you wish to walk in solitude, and to what degree you want to be part of a group. There are many local pagan communities you can find if you do an online search.

The way of the wizard has a framework, but lots of room for personalization. I will get into the particulars more in subsequent articles. 

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How To Be A Wizard (Intro)

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This article was published on 2012/03/08