Have Dreams So You'll Have a Future

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Today people are so busy going from one place to the next that they forget where they're supposed to go. They work so hard moving forward and still unable to reach their goals. They doubt sometimes if it's because they don't work hard enough or because of their laziness? How come they are unable to get what they want? No, I think it's neither. I believe it is because they have not truly found what they truly wanted in life.

You must have dreams in order to have a future. Having dreams will give you the courage to go after your target and ideals without doubt. People with dreams shine with brightness and confidence because they are optimistic and their hearts are filled with hope. No matter how hard the road is, they will not give up or doubt themselves. Because they know deep down that their dreams are what makes them live. Without their dreams, life is meaningless. They live for their dreams. There is no other option in life. Without their dreams, life becomes meaningless.

People without dreams are dry and stiff. They are like puppets moving through life through society's and other people's standards and rules. They live just to survive. They don't move forward since they have no direction and target. They don't know what they truly want deep inside and therefore, they cannot achieve true happiness.

People who have dreams and know what they truly want cannot fail. Because no matter what problems are presented to them, they can solve it because they have a direction to go. They know what they need to do in order to move forward to their dreams. Any obstacles are just temporary. They cannot break the confidence of these dreamers. The dreamers know that once they defeat this obstacle, there is a shining heaven waiting ahead of them. And the road towards their dreams is so clear that all they have to do is simply moving forward. They KNOW that one day they will achieve it as if they have already achieved it.

Your future, the direction of your life must be directed by your dreams. Without dreams, without knowing what you truly want in life – you will only be doing things that other people tell you should want. You will do things that the society says is good instead of what your heart truly wants.

With dreams, you will not lose track of your life. Take some time and ask yourself what you truly want in life. Imagine your life 10 years later, 30 years later – what does it look like? What do you dream your life to be? What does your ideal life look like? What kind of life will make you truly happy? Once you have figured out what you truly want in life – you will definitely succeed in life. You will live your life with passion and hope. You will live everyday happily doing things that you truly love and truly matter.

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Have Dreams So You'll Have a Future

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This article was published on 2010/12/15