Follow your own soul, make decisions

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The autumn, everything north begin to fade, north wind blast, maple shrivel. 1 the pine-woods crying, cut autumn of quiet, an extraordinary life were bo-rn. A rich merchant home, much a few minutes busy, much a few minutes joy. He is LiShuTong, later master hong yi. Early strict tutor, make him become a gentleman, young perfect education makes him a scholar, own diligence and make him a painter. Youth, he knew to Japan to study abroad, and take a wife and son in Japan. At this time of he, it may be said to be perfect. MBT, Earth every conceivable advantage he hardly have: tall handsome, poetry and calligraphy, treasure money, everything, and family harmony.

It is such a person, in a most ordinary night, go alone hangzhou a temple, method number: play impaling racing attacker.

Then he is the painter famous at home and abroad.

His family and friends come to persuade his resume secular life, but have been rejected. Somebody asked him why tonsured, he just calmly replied: "I like it here". This sentence makes many people shocked. In today’s world many people will "heart not for shape servants"? Secular world let how much food men and women to assume the desire of load. MBT Shoes, He was easily to come out, let a person plaint also let a person admire.

At that time the Chinese master JinZhiYong for his behavior also not understand, and personally to hangzhou to see him. While his q&a is: "I can do the best, so I chose." Since he’s studying Buddhism, never leave home, finally became Buddhism expert, people para-elite hong yi mage.

This is a secular battle with the soul, this also is a "heart" and "form" match-up.

One condemned cent, lateral relies on the railing, alone look back at what history, life is merely lament having passed the waves. His life shall be made by their mastery, need not suffer secular or so. In his short life, make oneself soul family, MBT shoes sale even in the worn-out also won’t have regret lifetime in vain. As in the 4th century of Homer, he is in a confused times, when no one knows his future is what kind of society. People in wine, and singing in the noisy voices but Homer after their own souls, alone, QingDeng with cold drain blood for their run, MBT sport shoes with soul made the Homeric hymn, simultaneously also cast his immortal fame.

Follow their own, for oneself, resist the intellect of running a heart attack, not for shape servants. Even though I can’t become saints, as long as the heart has a saint goal, in people look, you also will become a saint.

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Follow your own soul, make decisions

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This article was published on 2010/11/11