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Every week day I try to go for a walk. This walk allows me to get grounded to a certain degree, and allow me to take on the day - at the best I can be.


Whether you live in a city that seems a hard place or in the lush countryside, you should find the joy of life. If you still don’t find the sweetness of life, discover this article and start living blessedness.



It surprises me the amount of people who don't take a time out for a moment, and taste the sweetness of life. We live in a world where it seems like money makes the world go round, and I guess at our present state, this is a truth, however, is it?


We can buy products and gadgets; however these things often leave us eeling empty inside. A look at people walking on the street will give you some amazing stories. You will see people rushing from A to B; you will see some who are down in the dumps, and a few who look happy.


The most part, people don't see that sweetness. A person on a bike rides down a pathway and forgets to look left and right. Living in concrete jungle can make us get like that, not looking around to see the beauty of life.


A dog does its thing on the floor, and someone steps in it. Most will be inclined to stay in that, while a few smart people will realize to get out of it! This however is not the norm, and it can seem like there is nothing better.


The truth is that even in the worst, even in the lowest; there is still a place to find the sweetness of life. Take a look around, look left and right, and don't just focus on the journey. Yes, the journey is important, and getting from A to B is essential. As a goal setter this becomes an even bigger part, and possible problem, because we may find that we don't stop and focus on the sweetness.


Even in a concrete jungle, there is still life and sweetness. It could be a blade of grass that creeps up near a sidewalk. All this is an analogy obviously, and applies in our own lives and not just our surroundings, but often we find both go hand in hand.


When you change, the world will change. The buildings will still be there, the problems may still be there, but there is a difference, when you start tasting the sweetness of life - more comes into your life!


Focus and attention are 2 very important concepts. Without focus and attention, you can't get anywhere. So the first step is to utilize this knowledge and look for the good that you seek. It is out there, and all that is required is to take a peak. Hold your attention there for a while, your focus will determine where you head, and even in the gloomiest situations, you can find peace, abundance, love, and happiness!


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This article was published on 2010/05/20