Discover Past Lives And Break Free From Your Rut

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You may question the reasons why you might like to take time to discover past lives. Here are some of the answers. You might want to understand certain patterns of behavior that you have become aware of. You might want to break out of the rut of your current life... one which is uninteresting but you seem bound to. Some people are searching for physical healing such as from the chronic pain of a migraine headache that has left doctors baffled. Phobias can begin to grow in a past life. Experiencing a past life regression can uncover the reason for all different kinds of phobias.

These are powerful reasons, but the most powerful reason to seek out your past life is to discover your life purpose. A past life regression gives you the gift of awareness leading to your life purpose which you will find:

If you are unhappy in your life.

If you find yourself repeating the same mistakes.

If you are looking for the answers to unresolved questions.

If you notice an innate proclivity for science, art or music.

If you keep having the same type of relationship over and over again.

In a past life regression you have the benefit of looking at the situation as though you are a third party. With a feeling of objectivity you'll be able to see the meaning with greater clarity.

During a past life regression, which can easily be done on your own, you will discover why you act and react in certain situations, to certain people or even to specific words. New light is shed on any unresolved difficulties, problems and challenges of today. Someone without a life purpose can be seen as wandering aimlessly almost fading away unnoticed. When your life purpose is clear, you go through life with greater energy and enthusiasm. Your passion and zest for life shines through in a physical sense.

When you practice past life hypnosis, you might reconnect with a lost passion for writing as some have. You might break through the fear that keeps you from becoming the healer that you want to be. To know who we are today and what our life purpose is, we must first know who we were in a past life. You'll know you've found your own unique answer when you feel a shift from the lackluster spirit of the aimless wanderer to surge of energy, excitement and passion.

Discover past lives and you will most likely discover your life purpose. When will you begin?

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Discover Past Lives And Break Free From Your Rut

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This article was published on 2010/12/26