Attract Clients By Creating a Bigger Context

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To be double your profits in your life coaching practice and to attract clients on a bigger scale, you have to create a bigger context for yourself. And if you want to have a deeply meaningful life coaching practice as well, then it matters what CONTEXT or framework you choose to live into. By context, I mean that there are certain beliefs, thoughts and emotional patterns that have gotten you this far as a life coach and that also prevent you from going any further.

In other words, you have a certain context or framework that you have already fulfilled, you have already lived into it. So now you have to create a different aim, a bigger context. Creating a bigger context as a life coach requires three components. First you have to create a bigger aim. In this case, the aim is doubling your income. But you can have other aims too, like a higher cause or purpose.

The second component is your reason WHY. Your motivation. Your driving force. Your WHY has to be big enough to overcome your current framework or context. It has to be big enough to overcome your current beliefs, your current fears, your current emotional states that keep you where you are at. Your WHY has to be big enough to propel you past any obstacles or speed bumps in the road. The third component is transforming or dissolving your current framework, your current beliefs and your current emotions that do not serve your higher context.

Now, to create an ultimately meaningful life for not only yourself, but those around you, what matters the most is the context you choose to live into. Anything that is selfish will ultimately not be fulfilling. This includes anything related to wanting more money, needing to achieve more, desiring more fame, or anything where it’s not about other people. The only way to have a truly fulfilling life is to live from a place of contribution and service to humanity.

The cool part is that contribution and service, or love, is our natural state. It’s who we are. And all of us ultimately want to have a life of deep meaning, knowing we made the world a better place, knowing we made a difference. But we don’t get there because our current beliefs, our current focus, and our current emotional states interrupt our natural state and never let us get there.

This includes feeling like you’re not good enough, you can’t do it. It includes anything you’re seeking for, like more money, more wealth, more achievement. Now, you can certainly have those things and probably will have all that and more if your life is a life of service and contribution. But to get there requires undoing the beliefs and emotions that don’t serve you. It requires a commitment to service and a commitment to love.

To recap, you can double your profits by creating a bigger context and following the three steps of a bigger aim, a bigger why, and a way to dissolve your beliefs and fears. To double your profits in your life coaching practice and create a powerfully fulfilling life requires a big WHY of contribution and service, a commitment to serve humanity and make a difference.
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Attract Clients By Creating a Bigger Context

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This article was published on 2010/12/20