Are You Aiming to Please the Wrong Crowd?

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Are you trying to please your boss, spouse, children, community, political party, or religious affiliation? Do you have that inner urge to stop trying to please the "wrong crowd"? This article will share five simple techniques that you can apply to STOP pleasing "everyone"! When you aim to please the wrong crowd, you are creating inner stresses and struggles that nature did not want you to have.

Here are five simple techniques that you can use:

1. Don't be a "suck-up". Sometimes when you feel that your job is so important that you may have to suck-up to the boss. This is dangerous! You may be pleasing the wrong crowd, because if your job is customer base oriented, then the ONLY people you should please are your customers. They are your primary focus. The secondary focus are other factors that make up your job; your boss, co-workers, etc. When you are strong with the customers you serve; automatically your job performance will be strengthened.

2. Simply say no! Saying no to people we are close to is one of the most difficult things in life. This kind of tough love may eventually help them over come their dependency on you. Provide these individuals with the necessary tools so that you don't have to continually "please " them. This will shift the burden of responsibility off of you and will turn the focus on them.

3. Take a time-out. If you are in a relationship that you feel constantly drained or pressured; emotionally, financially or physically. Then you need so time for yourself to regain your thoughts. You have to seriously weigh the pros and cons in the relationship. Stop trying to please the other person all the time. Maybe they are not in love with you and you are simply trying to buy their love and affection. This kind of relationship never go a long way.

4. Don't apologize for your change in behavior. You don't owe anyone anything! Stop trying to save the world. If you continue to please everyone else but yourself, then your life will be heading in a downward spiral. Meditate on the right words. Inform those involved that you are not going to continue on this path in your life anymore. Be strong!

5. Don't start a fight! You will receive some resistance from those you were "pleasing" for quite some time. They will notice a gradual change in your behavior. Some may even try to fight you hoping to break your inner spirit. Remain calm in your endeavors.

When you please the wrong people in your life, you tend to attract negative energy; stress, depression, over-eating, loss of sleep, loss of appetite and low self-esteem. Taking small baby steps in this matter in most essential.

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Are You Aiming to Please the Wrong Crowd?

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This article was published on 2010/03/26