5 Top Reasons Not To Rush Into London Jobs

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England's capital city is one of the world's thrusting and thriving economic districts. Over 2 million people trek into central London every day to come to work and London jobs contribute approximately 20 per cent of the UK's GDP, making it a preeminent financial hub.
Finding a job in London has its benefits, with a greater variety of jobs and better pay in general than in other cities in the country. If you came from a family of nagging parents, the pressure is on you.
However, it doesn't mean that you should be in a rush to find employment right away. Travelling and working abroad can be hugely beneficial to both your life and future career, so here are just five reasons why you should consider holding off on leaping into London jobs .

Learn a Language
Going to a non-English speaking country gives you the opportunity to learn another language. Business is becoming an increasingly global affair and, while the international language of business is English, being able to communicate with potential business partners in their own language is an incredibly useful and influential skill.

See How Different Business Cultures Work
If you are planning to work for a big multinational company, then having an insight into how other business cultures work will put you in extremely good stead in your later career. For example, Japanese culture is one built on reverence of ceremony but you can't really appreciate how ingrained it is into the Japanese mentality unless you have been there to see it personally.

Sharpen your Job Prospects
Employers don't just pick someone who is technically proficient with what they do, they are looking for a well-rounded individual who can display different abilities and aptitudes in changing environments. A great way to demonstrate some of these skills is to show that you have travelled aboard, which can improve your CV and your job prospects.

Broaden Your Horizons
Traveling abroad gives you an opportunity to explore something different, unique and challenging. It's all about life experience. Working abroad will stretch you possibly to limits you didn't think possible. A foreign environment will take you outside of your comfort zone and push your endurances harder than before, all of which is excellent life experience to help shape your future.

Enjoy Your Life
Going abroad is about having fun. Entering into London jobs may provide you income but you have the rest of your life to work hard, that is enjoying the thrill of travelling now, before the tedious drudgeries of life get in the way. John Lennon said: "Life is what happens to you when you are making other plans." Don't waste the opportunity you have now – go out and experience the world!

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5 Top Reasons Not To Rush Into London Jobs

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This article was published on 2010/03/26