3 Secrets to Kung Fu and Success In Your Life

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Shaolin - In today's society, people are affected with many issues and problems that come flying at them day in day out. If you are working 5 or 6 days a week, this is compounded further. If that isn't enough trouble, there are pressures of society, relationship expectations and careers goals to achieve. People have to face all these issues and need to solve them. It is similar to the old saying "you either swim or you sink". A lot of the time, these problems cannot all be solved at once, but worse of all; the problems can grow faster than the interest accumulated from your bank savings. So how can a person cope? How can a person juggle all these in a busy and draining timetable? Where would one find such energy and mindset to survive?

I am happy to share you my experiences, because I understand how close I was to breaking down. I mean seriously breaking down.

I was at university, studying a four year engineering degree, and it was demanding and stressful. Especially when you have a woman in your life! I was naturally shy and just had a relationship breakdown. I literally did not want to finish my course, I just felt like running away from everything.

I was fortunate that I had already started Wing Chung, for 12 months, so I was disciplined but also had a clearer mind than before I started. It made all the difference. This is where it gets interesting because my life started to pick up. I am a fan of Kung Fu, because not only does it teach you discipline, it also teaches you how to be stronger mentally and physically. In case you encounter a of a rainy day, you can appreciate that you mind and body is stronger and there's a high chance that you will beat the hurdles and be stronger to fight another day.

No one has ever lived a life that was perfect, so please be realistic and accept that your life will become very stressful and challenging some time during your life. I have a tip that is free and can do wonders for you. Start tai chi or Kung Fu! Can you understand now I see Kung Fu as a tool to help you live a better life? Mind you, it has been a hard journey to motivate myself day in day out to practice, but the reward is priceless.

All you need to do now is seek a qualified teacher who can teach you good Kung Fu but respect and values in life.

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3 Secrets to Kung Fu and Success In Your Life

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This article was published on 2010/11/18